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? demonstrating leadership of our country and leadership on europe. but can invite mike right honorable friend to agree with me on this issue, that it isn't simply the united kingdom which is seeking to renegotiate the trees, that is a serious imperative on those members of the eurozone who want to introduce this disaster single currency policy into europe which is cause economic chaos, they are the ones in need of figuring, not just us. >> i thank mike right honorable friend for what he says. the point he makes is correct that there is a big change taking place in europe because of the reforms necessary to deal with the single currency. that is why treaty changed and changing europe is coming. there's also already a big debate in britain about our role in europe. and i think politicians have a choice. you either want to walk towards adam schiff that choice and get a good deal for britain and make changes that will benefit all of your, or you stick your head in the sand as the party opposite sex and hope the whole thing will go away. >> why isn't the prime minister -- but he thinks his five ye
and friend mike honda who has exemplified what it means to be a public servant. [cheers and applause] mike has exemplified what it means to be a public servant during his tenure as dnc vice chair and especially as congressman from california's 15th district. [applause] met me tell you something -- let me tell you something, i have had an opportunity to serve in congress with mike and watched his advocacy and his passion and his commitment to his constituents to diversity, to making sure that we keep our citizens safe from harm, and it has been an absolute privilege to serve, and i will continue to serve side by side with him on the house committee on appropriations. mike is a fearless leader who's answered the call to serve throughout his career. his work on issues from education and transportation to civil rights and national service has advanced the causes of our party immeasurably. please join me in thanking our retiring officers. [applause] they have done a remarkable service for the entire country. [applause] >> now, let me introduce our slate of new dnc officers. they are a talented,
, congressional colleague, and friend, mike honda, who exemplified what it means to be a public servant. [cheers and applause] mike has exempt mid -- exemplified what it means to be a ser vent, and especially as congressman from california's 15th district. [applause] let me tell you something, i had an opportunity to serve in congress with mike and watched his add vo cosigh and passion and commitment to his constituents to diversity, to making sure that we keep our citizens safe from harm, and it has been an absolute privilege to serve, and i will continue to serve side by side with him on the house committee on appropriations. mike is a fearless leader, answering the call to serve throughout his career. work on issues from education and transporation to civil rights and national service advanced the causes of the party immeasurably. please join me in thanking our retiring officers. they have done a remarkable service for the entire country. [applause] now let me introduce our slate of new dnc officers. they are a talented, dedicated and passionate group of people who will strengthen and energiz
, but a very spiritual issue because it is important. i say it is important you do your job well but mike told me how well you do your job you will never fool you. of the peter and do your work the best you can you go over your self-esteem. if you are a college student that is your work you lower your self-esteem even if you make a good grade. if you do it the best you can he will raise your self-esteem that is better than a good grade, it is about your character, a fundamental human need. the societal implications implications, take a construction worker, a bricklayer who has the tough and hard job. my granddad had a job like that but they are successful, raise their children, and has a hard life but successful in that context. interestingly he get something powerful from his work, he gets to be proud and have self-esteem. the bricklayer getting welfare maybe better off but he loses something important, his pride and self-esteem. statist are involved in this discussion. is a false discussion but it is interesting. while americans care about security, people did not get on the boat to come to
of our armed forces and national guard, members of the consular corps, governor mike lowry, and governor christine gregoire, and all of my fellow washingtonians, this we know, our world is changing faster and more dramatically than ever before. once in a lifetime events now seem to happen with startling regularity. we've seen the greatest financial crisis since the great depression, natural disasters fueled by climate change, and unimaginable human tragedies like sandy hook elementary. but we also bear witness to rapid breakthroughs in technology, medicine, and the fundamental understanding of our universe. every day i am left in awe at how much we are able to achieve, and heartbroken over the tragedies that we have had to endure. we truly live in extraordinary times. we also live in an extraordinary state, filled with extraordinary people. where the world sees uncertainty, we washingtonians see opportunity. and we all feel a profound responsibility to our children and our grandchildren. we have a spirit of innovation here in washington that has changed the world, from aerospace to softw
of the minority in the name of another minority. mike mansfield, leader of the senate, supporting a modification in the rule to reduce the number of senators needed to end debate from 67 to 60, although he supported the change in the rules, opposed the use of the nuclear option or the constitutional option to achieve it. and this is what mike mansfield said. arguing for the reform, he said -- quote -- "the urgency or even wisdom of adopting the 3/5 resolution does not justify a path of destruction for the senate as an institution and its vital importance to our scheme of government, and this in my opinion is what the present motion to invoke cloture by simple majority would do." he added -- "i simply feel the protection of the minority transcends any rule of change, however desirable. the issue of limiting debate in this body is one of such monumental importance that it reaches, in my opinion, to the very essence of the senate as an institution. i believe it compels a decision by more than a majority j senator kennedy's words were extremely powerful in this regard. i quoted some of senator byrd
. >> in his first state of the state address, indiana governor mike pence talked about the state of indiana's condition. this is about a half hour. [applause] [applause] [inaudible conversations] [applause] >> speakers, lieutenant governor, senators and representatives, members of the general assembly and distinguished guests and indiana's people, i am proud to stand before you as governor of all the people of indiana. [applause] we are all hoosiers and i know that together we will writes a great chapter of the next in the book of indian history. my colleagues that are gathered here, i think my remarks will not be as brief as last week's inaugural address. but, your feet will be warmer. [laughter] and discharging my solemn duty, i come before you today to proclaim the state of our state is strong and growing stronger. because we have good government. and because we serve the great people of indiana. [applause] if we will remain bold, confident, and optimistic, i am positive that we can lead our state from good to great. hoosiers believed that of gratitude to all gathered in this room. our s
did one program, television program of 60 minutes, and mike wallace was in one of the helicopters, and we even took fire that time. we had one pilot, not pilot, one soldier killed in one of our helicopters and the other one badly wounded. c-span: are you on call to do more work like this, if they want it? >> guest: i always -- i think i will continue after this tour to fly in el salvador, as long as there is communist guerrillas in that area. c-span: taking any chances of writing this book in the middle of the possibility that you might do more work for the cia? >> guest: no, i finished working for the cia in 1976 and i believe from the exposition -- i don't think -- but if there is an opportunity that i can help, i would certainly be available, but i doubt it very much that they will call upon me. c-span: who will you work for then, if you go back down to el salvador? >> guest: no, i am not working for anybody, a volunteer must serve as an individual to help the salvadorans. since i got my retirement, i don't need the pay from anybody, and they gave me a place to sleep and to eat
of staff admiral mike mullen, who said after the arb was issued, as someone who is one large organizations, and the section of state has been very clear about taking responsibility here, it was from my perspective not reasonable in terms of having a specific level of knowledge that was very specifically resonant and her staff. and overtime certainly didn't bring that to our attention. that was admiral mike mullen. how many cables did you say a ride every year to the state department, 1.4 may? >> can you tell me how long it takes you to read 1.4 many cables because if ever tried to read 1.4 million cables, i don't think i i would be sitting here today. i would probably be collapsed somewhere. you know, i appreciatappreciat ed what admiral mullen said, because when you do sit on top of large organizations come in his case the nested military which is huge, and in my case the state department and usaid, you put into place processes and you have to trust the judgment, the good sense of the people in your organization. so those 1.43 million cables, they come into the state department. the tradi
-- not to argue with steve, but i will -- there isn't anything magical about ten, but i will say this. mike thompson who's a congressman out of northern california, also a gun owner who's leading the democratic effort in the house, there's federal legislation today as it relates to shotguns that is banned no more than three at any one time. we are more protective of ducks than we are of kids. it's a federal legislation that covers alabama, mississippi, southern illinois, all parts. so if ten is not magical, i'm willing to go to three as a cliff. so we're there. [laughter] but that said -- because the assault clip changes the type of gun. it dramatically changes it. two, i do think of comprehensive background checks that deal with criminal activity would be essential to anything closing on that loophole. obviously, the seller pieces you can do. i do think usually people think about executive order, something the president would seen, i think he has to direct the attorney general as a measure of each attorney what they're doing on gun prosecutions. we have a u.s. attorney position here in the
been two bills introdisused by the house and there's an effort to -- mike the governor of indiana and so there will be an't cod effort. you would think out of 3.7 trillion budget we could find somewhere to cut and certainly that's one good place to start. >> if any finalized budget will you support it or vote against it. with the budget there's two things going on. one is the budget doesn't specify much of anything other than numbers on the page. then we go through various appropriations bills. the problem we had is appropriations bill haven't come out of the committee and haven't a chance to debate on the floor. i presume we'll have a full debate on that and the house will continue the policy of the defunding planned parenthood. that's one specific part of one appropriations bill. thank you. [inaudible] think question bring it back. if i were sitting back -- [inaudible] >> we're not being had for it. nothing in return. we are asking for a number of in one. of course going to pass a budget this year. if you believe the pressure is not getting to them. you're not watching. i think
of the joint chiefs of staff, admiral mike mullen, when he said -- quote -- "the greatest threat -- the greatest long-term threat to america's national security is america's debt." and then finally, in 2012 this same politician said he was running for reelection -- quote -- "to pay down our debt in a way that's balanced and responsible." well, you might have guessed who this was. these are statements made by president barack obama. unfortunately the president's actions have not come close to matching his own rhetoric. since he took office, the gross national debt has increased by nearly $6 trillion. $6 trillion. indeed, the president has served at a time when we have accumulated far more debt than any other president in american history. after spending his first term maxing out america's credit card, the president is demanding yet another increase in the debt limit. the president argues he's merely asking lawmakers to pay the bills that have already been racked up. and he continues to blame others, certainly not himself, for trillion-dollar annual deficits and skyrocketing debt,
is no mike, actually there are deep structural reforms that make this kind of comeback extreme a difficult. and so you've also been talking about what bobby jindal has been doing. we been talking sort of in general stat state of reforms bi did one of big problems the republican party face in 2012 was there was a confusion about how the battle the party have been fighting at the state level mask on national political debates. you have a lot of republicans look at what scott walker has been able to do, look at what chris christie has been able to do. we are picking his fights with big powerful liberal interest groups in purple or blue states, and where winning them. and, therefore, let's do the sinking of the national level. this is one reason that a lot of republicans before the election telling me we're going to win wisconsin because we never how we did in the recall. we're just going to do the same thing again. we will have the same kind of turnout. but the reality is that the problems that the federal government faces right now are very different from the problems state governments face.
, the st. louis cardinals retired his number, number six. cardinals' manager mike matheny said when the entire cardinals' team takes the field this year, they will be wearing a number six patch on their uniforms. matheny said it will be a call for us to do our very best to live up to that high standard of excellence. he added you don't come across names like warrior, prince and knight by just having hall of fame statistics. it comes from making an impact on the lives of people. i was in that group, matheny said. mr. musial, i say thank you. he's a perfect example of what it means to wear this jersey. i want to give credit to my colleague, senator claire mccaskill. she worked with me, in fact she led the way in terms of the presidential medal of freedom along with senator bond for stan musial. she came up with a great idea. i don't know if it's going to go anywhere, but i'm going to try to help her make it a reality. she has suggested that we can honor this american hero, this regional hero and the values that he stood for by naming the new bridge that's being built across the missis
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14